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12491IBM 5150 PC On Ebay - prices are shooting up!

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  • B Degnan
    May 4, 2009

      Have you folks been watching the sale prices of IBM PC's lately?
      MARCH's IBM PC 5150 is just as good as the one linked above. They're
      both the early "A" model, and I was privileged to have been able to
      restore MARCH's last summer before VCF E 5 for MARCH. The black power
      supplies are whisper smooth.

      I feel as if people had been looking down on the IBM PC as not
      desirable, despite it's historical importance. It's not too late to
      repent! As someone who has been a quiet proponent of the IBM PC as a
      historical juggernaut, don't wait too long to get one for yourself,
      they're becoming quite expensive and will soon be out of reach to buy
      for casual use.

      I strongly believe that someone should pick the IBM PC to exhibit for
      VCF E this year, this brand has been ignored for too long. Very few VCF
      E exhibits of any kind have featured this family of computers. If
      anyone is interested, let me know maybe I can help.

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