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12465Re: [midatlanticretro] Anyone else dropping posts from the group ?

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  • Sridhar Ayengar
    May 2, 2009
      Dan Roganti wrote:
      > Anyone else dropping posts from the group ?
      > I just noticed since the past 2 days some of the postings haven't made
      > it to my email account.
      > It seems to skip over some of the postings, I get some and not others,
      > even though I see them all on the group's website.
      > So I checked my mail filter the other day and I have it right at the top
      > here inside Thunderbird so as not to miss any postings.
      > But it happened again today, I didn't get B.D's or Jim's postings, I
      > only got mine from today.

      I don't get any dropped, but I get a LOT of them WAY out of order.

      Peace... Sridhar
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