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12449RE: [midatlanticretro] OT: virus problem

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  • Kelly D. Leavitt
    Apr 30, 2009
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      > ------------------------------------
      > I like Kelly's idea.
      >> "I've had OK luck on some of these troublesome ones by pulling the drive and
      >> connecting it using one of those really cheap USB/IDE adapter cables. Start a
      >> known good computer, make sure AUTO RUN is not on, then plug the drive/adapter
      >> into the known good machine. Scan from there.
      >> Kelly"

      > I never tried it that way but none of the files would be in use and the virus
      > code would not be running.
      > It sounds good, only question is --- Is there any risk of infecting the host
      > system?
      > Bill Dromgoole .

      If you do anything other than scan it, then yes there is a chance. I have a plain vanilla XP Pro machine here that is nothing other than the OS, SP3, and security updates. I try to use this machine for scanning in severe cases. I have not buggered it up yet, but just in case...

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