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12437Re: [midatlanticretro] OT: virus problem

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  • B Degnan
    Apr 30, 2009

      Two pieces of malware remain, which I haven't yet cured:
      - win32.agent.pz
      - pws.ldpinchie
      I found many Google results for both of these, but most of the results 
      just say, "Try using XYZ proprietary software" .... practically one of 
      the results say, "Here is a known-good fix."
      Any tips?
      * By "friend" I mean that quite literally.  LOL, it's not me and my PC, 
      under an assumed name.  :)
      Run the fix under safe mode.
      Peace...  Sridhar
      We talked about that...Evan did you try deleting the files under safe mode? 

      You may have done this already but:

      1.  Run your anti-spyware program in safe mode, that would give better results. 

      2.  Also in safe mode, go into msconfig (RUN "msconfig")
      Locate the startup folder, and look up every single program that is listed in the startup section.  uncheck everything you can and then reboot in normal mode.  Remember that spyware masquerades as legit programs, so you may have to uncheck a few things that are legit to experiment.    You'll get an error message when you reboot, but turn that off.

      3.  Each time you remove a program, reboot.  You may have to reboot 20 times before you're done cleaning everything out. 

      4.  If it were me, I would reformat the system and rebuild the OS, faster.  I assume you can back up the data.

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