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  • Brian Cirulnick
    Apr 28, 2009
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      I'm looking for a one-piece terminal, and by "one piece", I mean that the screen and keyboard share the case, similar to a ADM 3A, or the Zenith terminal in one of the recently uploaded photos here.

      My stipulations are: The keyboard works, the screen works, and the thing has a standard RS232 port. I'm planning to use it regularly for doing Linux installs on headless machines, and also to be used to monitor those headless machines.

      I suppose I could use a cheap laptop, but I like the look of the older terminals better (unless anyone has a working Toshiba 1000SE)...

      Or maybe a smaller compaq luggable...

      Anyhow, I'm looking for something like that, and can trade.. uhhh. cash for it?