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1239Re: VCF...Re: SWTPC 6800...e: [midatlanticretro] Which version is it, Altair 680 or 680b ?

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  • Vintage Computer Festival
    Sep 6, 2005
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      On Mon, 5 Sep 2005, Dan wrote:

      > I've never been to any of the VCF events. When I look at the VCF
      > website, I see there's a VCF 8 planned out in Cali. But I couldn't make
      > that one. Then I also heard about the VCF Midwest planned but that's not
      > mentioned on the website either. I heard from Evan there maybe a VCF
      > East ? I guess that's VCF East 3. But I don't see that mentioned on the
      > VCF website. This one would be closer for me if it's in NJ.

      Serious question: are the links that hidden? It looks pretty obvious to
      me: you click on Events (there are at least two links on the main page).
      On the events page, the current events are listed on the top and the past
      events underneath.

      VCF Midwest happened 6 weeks ago. VCF East 3.0 is still in the
      pre-planning stages.


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