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1234SparcStation 5 needs new home

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  • us21090
    Sep 6, 2005
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      It's old[ish] but it may not be vintage. It ain't retro! Apologies if
      this doesn't fit here...

      but I'd rather not trash this Sun SparcStation5.

      (Please forward!)

      It works.
      The SS5's were 70MHz or 85Mhz speed according to specs, but I don't
      know which this is.
      64MB mem
      Conner OFP1060E (1.05G) drive,
      floppy drive
      non-CD version
      color monitor GDM-1662B 16"
      Keyboard Type 5C
      Mouse model Compact1 (ball mouse)
      Sound ports
      2 DB-25 Serial ports
      SCSI expansion port (I believe)

      A few years ago I temporarily attached a SCSI CD and built it with
      SunOS 5.8 (aka Solaris 8, right?).

      I live in Maryland near BWI Airport. It's probably too heavy to make
      shipping an decent option. Drop me a line.

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