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12229Re: C64/VIC 20 in video was Re: [midatlanticretro] Re: Plus/4

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  • Ray Sills
    Apr 8, 2009
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      If you put the video output of a VIC-20 (or any other device that
      could output NTSC) through a "frame-sync".. that would make it work.

      A frame-sync is essentially a RAM buffer that will store a frame of
      incoming video, and then play it back in sync with an external
      TV stations do that all the time for incoming video feeds... since
      there is no way to send timing signals to a remote source, so that it
      be "in time" with local sources. All signals need to be in time in
      order to matte a source to another video signal.. or to effect a
      dissolve from one source to another. You can make a hard switch, but
      then you run the risk of the whole system going out of time for a few
      frames, and you would see the disruption on air.

      One issue with using a frame-sync is that unless you -also- delay the
      audio from the remote source, the video will be OK but the sound will
      be ahead of the video, which is noticeable when you see a talking
      head. (The old "lip-sync" issue). The situation can get worse when
      stations use fancy digital switchers, since the video gets delayed on
      -all- sources, not just the remote ones, If you see a TV show where
      the audio is so far out of whack that it looks like a bad sci-fi
      movie from another country, then you know there are uncompensated
      audio paths.

      73 de Ray

      On Apr 8, 2009, at 1:15 PM, Christian Liendo wrote:

      > I remember a cable access show that used the VIC20.. I don't know
      > how he did it without a genlock, but he had text on the bottom of
      > the screen in the familiar VIC-20 font... The show was "Rapid T
      > Rabbit" and it was on Manhattan Public Cable Access.
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