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  • Ray Sills
    Apr 7, 2009
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      HI Bill:

      No, I don't have any software for the Plus/4. Everything I had went
      to MARCH. It's possible there might be something in the basement
      storage area. Speaking of NTSC.. I used to use one of the Plus/4s at
      work, as a way to generate a title "slate" for recording music cues
      on to videotape. It worked quite well with the old Sony BVH-800 U-
      Matic 3/4" machines. But that was because the machines were not the
      least bit fussy about the quality of the video and the stability of
      the time base. Once we switched to professional Beta format, the
      Plus/4s didn't work properly. At that point, I got an Amiga (1000?)
      (Also now at MARCH) with a gen-lock board, and that worked like a
      champ. The gen-lock boards are at MARCH, too.

      73 de Ray

      On Apr 7, 2009, at 7:39 AM, B Degnan wrote:

      > Do you have copies of any NTSC software for the Plus/4?
      > Bill
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