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12186[midatlanticretro] Re: May 30-31 event - a little OT.

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  • Kelly D. Leavitt
    Mar 30, 2009
      >Brian Cirulnick wrote:
      >>In midatlanticretro@yahoogroups.com, "Kelly D. Leavitt" <kelly@...> wrote:
      >> I also have a few 5.25" HD drives, but I won't give these away.
      >> I'll let em go cheap or in trade, but not free.
      > Really? 5.25" Floppy drives are "collectable"? Now I know what I'm bringing...
      I guess they're just scarce in some places. Might be because I use them in place of 8" drives all the time. Where I have 40+ 3.5" drives spare, I probably only have 6 spare 5.25" HDs.

      I'll trade you 4 3.5" (or 4 smallish IDE drives) drives for 1 5.25" :-)

      >I would love a TRS-80 Model II, but, I'll wait my turn.
      I want to make sure I have 1 fully functional unit of what I have here. I believe you're next on the list if I ever get to it.

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