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12149H-buildings are near(er) / good day @ museum

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  • Evan Koblentz
    Mar 22, 2009
      Today, Fred announced that H-building transfer paperwork is signed by the Army.  Physical transfer of building keys, etc. is already in progress.  Yesterday Fred and others were allowed to enter previously restricted rooms in the H-buildings.  Soon, Wall Township will officially receive the paperwork back from the the government.  Then InfoAge can start planning a big ceremony.  Unlike the hotel ceremony back in (2005?), MARCH will not be overlooked as a zany start-up this time.
      Meanwhile we had several visitors today.  Three families and two groups of Cub Scouts.  In total a couple of dozen people of all ages.  We also had a surprise MARCH visit today from Nick Lordi, who brought us more EAI documents and several Forth documents.
      So it was a good day for InfoAge and MARCH.