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12129Re: [midatlanticretro] Re: OT: Test

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  • Ray Sills
    Mar 20, 2009
      Hi Christian:

      I don't use my Yahoo mail account very often. But, my wife does.
      Sometimes, we both get copies of email (usually from the kids) that is
      originated at the same time.. but quite often, I receive the email
      before she does. Sometimes it's a few minutes difference, and once it
      was hours.
      I'm using a dedicated email client app, and she uses the webmail

      So, we have had some tardiness issues with Yahoo.

      73 de Ray

      On Mar 20, 2009, at 4:32 PM, Christian Liendo wrote:

      > Well I have timed out a number of times and it has gotten really
      > really slow to the point of unusable.
      > I really don't want to ditch this account because I had it so long.
      > I just wanted to know if anyone else noticed or knew what was going
      > on.
      > I dont want to turn this into a "I hate yahoo", I just wanted to
      > know if anyone knew what was going on.
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