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1212Seeking Apple Advice - Apple II GS disk drive config question

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  • billdeg
    Aug 31, 2005
      Hi - This may be a dumb question...
      I have an Apple II GS ROM version 1 with two diskette drives. The
      drives are models A9M0106 (3.5") and A9M0107 (5 1/4"). The 3.5 is
      labeled "5/1" and the 5 1/4" drive is labeled "6/1". I have no manuals.

      I can plug either drive directly into the back of the GS diskette
      port. I can then daisy chain the other drive into the drive that's
      plugged into the GS. It doesn't work right however.

      If I plug the 3.5 into the 5 1/4 and then the 5 1/4 into the GS the
      system boots to the 5 1/4 drive.

      If I do the reverse the system still boots to the 5 1/4 drive.

      I can only boot to the 3.5 drive when the 5 1/4 is not plugged in at
      all. If I try to plug the 5 1/4 drive into the 3.5 drive after the
      system has booted the drive spins and the system freezes.

      It would be great if I could boot from the 3.5 and keep the 5 1/4 drive
      plugged in as a "data drive" or read old apple II games off the 5 /1/4
      drive after I boot with the 3.5. Any suggestions? Is there a dip
      switch or something I'd need to change? I know that the labels on the
      drives "5/1" and "6/1" are clues, I believe the 6/1 means that the
      drive is the boot drive, but I am not as much of an Apple person.

      Bill Degnan
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