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11947Re: [midatlanticretro] Re: Minicomputers

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  • David Gesswein
    Mar 5 10:25 AM
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      > I should know the answer to this question, but I don't: which"office"
      > programs were common for small DEC systems? Would our 11/05 be a good
      > fit for this exhibit, or did those kinds of app only run on DECmate, etc.?
      The PDP-8 line evolved into machines which were primarally targeted at
      word processing/office tasks. WPS was the word processor used on
      them. I can loan a working DECmate or possibly 8/A system if you want. They
      could be used standalone or with a VAX or other larger DEC system for
      central storage. WPS or something similar was also available for the
      VAX using serial terminals for
      word processing. I assume 11's also had it but don't have enough knowledge.
      Office applications were also sold for the later larger PDP-8's such as
      the 8/A. Not sure if WPS or similar was around in the 8/E timeframe.
      The brain cells are mostly gone but when I joined my current company the
      computing was a central VAX 780 with VT100 type terminals. I don't remember
      the details but know I wrote reports on it. Also created graphic slides with
      an HP plotter on it then xeroxed onto transparencies to use with the overhead
      projector for meetings.
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