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11906Re: [midatlanticretro] IMSAI for sale

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  • Dan Roganti
    Mar 2, 2009
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      Mike Loewen wrote:
          Thanks, Evan, for looking out for us.  :-)  I never see this kind 
      of stuff in my area.

      Great catch Mike !
      I remember you saying you were on the hunt for an Imsai. I'm glad you found one now. I'll have to bring mine when I visit your place.
      From looking at the pics, it definitely seems it was left in some undesirable location. You'll want to check the pins too in the S-100 connectors for any oxidation and weak spring tension. Mine still has good paint after 33yrs. Even the same Caps are still humming along <grin> But mine needs some new paddles as I broke some, they still hang on for now to let me toggle the switches.

      [ = http://www2.applegate.org/~ragooman/   ]

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