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1182Local electronics auction

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  • Evan
    Aug 25, 2005
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      Got this email today on the NJARC list. Local college auction:

      Hi everyone. I'm a club member and an employee of Mercer County Community
      College. I take care of the electronics labs at the college.
      Our rooms have recently been downsized. We now have a surplus of equipment
      that we have no space for. The college has agreed to sell the equipment off
      through public auction. Below is an attachment describing the bidding
      process and how to contact me to make arrangement to view the equipment.

      Some pieces that stick out that may interest club members include a few
      Heathkit B+/C- power supplies, old Weston meters, Simpson meters, function
      generators, o-scopes and more.

      Unfortunately I will not be available for email contact while the auction is
      going on (the network is down with the new construction).
      But I can be reached at the extension listed below.

      Thanks for your time.

      Harry Bittner

      Mercer County Community College
      1200 Old Trenton Road
      Trenton, New Jersey 08690


      The College will conduct a public sale on September 6, 2005 at 10:00am for
      all surplus items on the attached list.

      Bidders may inspect sale items by calling Harry Bittner at extension 3751.
      Stop by the Security Office and ask for directions. Do not call for detailed
      item descriptions, refer to attached list and/or stop in to inspect the

      Persons interested in purchasing any items on the list must submit a bid in
      writing on the attached form, and deliver the SEALED bid to the Purchasing
      Department, Room AD124, in the Administration Building by 10:00 A.M. on
      September 6, 2005. Bids will also be accepted prior to the time of bid
      opening in person or by mail: Purchasing Department, Mercer County Community
      College, P.O. Box B, Trenton, NJ 08690. Sealed envelopes must be clearly
      marked "BID FOR PUBLIC SALE." The College accepts no responsibility for
      mail delivered after the bid opening.

      BID AWARD, PAYMENT AND REMOVAL INFORMATION You do not have to be present to
      be a successful bidder. Successful bidders will be notified by mail as soon
      as decisions have been made regarding awards. Mercer County Community
      College reserves the right to reject any and all bids. All payments shall
      be made in cash, personal check (with identification satisfactory to the
      college), certified, cashier's or traveler's check, or money order payable
      "Mercer County Community College" and mailed or delivered to:
      Purchasing Department, Mercer County Community College, P.O. Box B, Trenton,
      NJ 08690

      All items sold must be paid for in advance of removal, and must be removed
      within ten (10) days from the date of award.

      Additional information regarding the sale may be obtained by calling the
      Purchasing Office at 609-586-4800, ext.3249.


      1. Condition Not Guaranteed: Items will be sold "As-Is, Where-Is."

      2. Fax Bids: Will not be considered.

      3. Bid Units: Bidders may bid on any or all items. Bids must be marked
      on the appropriate "Bidder Total" on the bid sheet provided. All bids
      received which are not in accordance with these instructions may be
      rejected. Special provisions made by the bidder will not be accepted, and
      may be cause for rejection of the bid.

      4. Awards: Mercer County Community College reserves the right to reject
      any or all bids on any items. Those items on which sufficiently high bids
      are not received may not be awarded.

      5. Removal of Property: All property must be removed within 10 days
      after date of Notice of Award. Property can be removed Monday through
      Friday, except Holidays, between the hours of 9:00am and 3:00pm; contact
      Harry Bittner at extension 3751. If the property remains on College premises
      after the scheduled removal period, it will be at the purchaser's own risk,
      and Mercer County Community College will not be responsible for any loss or
      damage to the property. No labor or equipment will be provided by the
      College to affect removal unless otherwise specified in the invitation to

      6. Repairs: Successful bidders will not be permitted to repair or
      service the items on these premises.

      7. Contract: This special sale, its terms and conditions, constitute
      the entire contract between the buyer and Mercer County Community College,
      and cannot be varied by oral agreement.

      8. Claims Liability: Mercer County Community College shall not be held
      liable for damages to the sale items or injuries to persons incurred during
      the inspection period, bid opening period, nor the period allowed for
      removal of property.

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