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1160InfoAge Followup #2 - The IMSAI 8080 and some pics

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  • billdeg@aol.com
    Aug 16, 2005
      Bill S (and anyone interested in the IMSAI 8080),

      When I got home I did some careful review of the the system. I think I may
      have figured out what is wrong with the IMSAI...The cable from the processor
      card to the front panel is chewed up. That would explain the inconsistent

      If I remove the processor card entirely I get just a short line of 00000's.

      When I insert the processor card but disconnect the processor cable entirely
      I get the 909090 pattern.

      If I re-connect the cable sometimes the "omega" characters appear sometimes

      I was unable to get to the correct " > " prompt since InfoAge, but for a few
      happy moments we did see it on Saturday, which tells me that we're close..I
      plan to order a new cable from Fischer Freitas
      (http://www.imsai.net/parts/parts.htm) and I will keep you posted. I hope I don't have to replace the entire
      processor card.

      Thank you again for your help! I had a lot of fun and I learned a lot.

      If anyone wants to see some pictures of the system I took this past January
      before I did anything to it. If you look really closely at the picture of the
      front view you can see a little black dot on the processor to front panel
      cable. This is one of the places that the cable is cut/freyed.


      Bill Degnan