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1159Intel Machines and PDP Stuff at InfoAge (and paging Fred)

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  • billdeg@aol.com
    Aug 16, 2005
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      I did some research of my own...I am an idiot for not getting the model
      numbers but I believe that the Intel units at InfoAge were expansion chassis
      (memory?) for the PDP 8-11 era systems. Originally I thought that they were
      stand-alone development systems. Being that there is also a PDP system in the
      collection, it is possible that the Intel boxes are components of that system. I
      did not see an Intel terminal or Intelec processor which is an other clue.

      Fred - Hi and thanks again for allowing us to participate in your museum. If
      you have not already checked the serial number of the HP unit, please also
      see if you can get model numbers for the Intel gear and the PDP system and any
      peripherals that appear to be related. They Intel components are the big blue
      metal boxes near the PDP 8 (or was it an 11?). I have the 1976 and 1978 Intel
      catalogs, I don't have the 1977 (which is what I believe the InfoAge units
      were made), but I can probably get all of the information I need from those
      catalogs plus the Internet if you can send the model numbers.

      I would like to volunteer to inventory (pictures at least) and maybe set up
      some shelving units or dust covers for the items. We can do this in
      conjunction with or separately from the swap meet we were talking about. I think that
      it is important to clean and preserve some of the rarer items, perhaps we can
      even get some of them working again.

      I only need a few more hours to complete our online inventory database
      system, and we can start adding our own collections plus InfoAge items in one place.
      I think that this will eventually be a useful resource. Thanks for your