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1153InfoAge day follow-up

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  • Evan
    Aug 14, 2005
      Hi all,

      Yesterday's event at InfoAge went well.

      Five of us -- me, Bill Degnan, Bill Sudbrink (and son), Kelly Leavitt (and
      wife), and Jim Scheef -- set up small exhibits. InfoAge's Fred C. told me
      afterward that about 200 people attended the event. Most were there for the
      WWII stuff, but about half walked through our exhibit, and a couple of dozen
      people seemed legitimately interested. We raised $15, which doesn't sound
      like much, but is significant since our budget before was $20. :)
      InfoAge supplied snacks throughout the day.

      In addition to exhibiting, we all had a good look at the 50% of the Grabbe
      collection that is already at the facility. There is some great stuff,
      including a huge late-70s Intel computer used for making chips, a pre-WWII
      adding machine, assorted DEC things, assorted early PC items, and two huge
      octagonal-shaped things that are VERY heavy and are either some kind of
      drives or the inside of a supercomputer (no kidding).

      We also had a chance to work on each other's gear. Bill D. brought some
      disks for the IBM 5155 that I got for the club, but we determined that it's
      got a drive problem, so Kelly agreed to take it home and work on it. Then
      Bill S. spent a lot of time working on Bill D.'s IMSAI 8080. Those are just
      two examples, but the comraderie is always my favorite part of club events.

      But the find-of-the-day came from an attendee, Bruce Pollack, who I think
      said he lives in upstate NY somewhere. Apparently he heard we'd be there,
      and drove several hours to bring us a toy: an HP harmonic signal analyzer,
      circa 1941. Since it's so old, it is quite possible that Bill Hewlett and
      David Packard hand-built this thing in their garage!! How cool is that?
      I'm going to send the serial number to Anna Mancini, who is the HP corporate
      archivist, to see if she can find out more about it. See
      http://tinyurl.com/eybh7 for the official HP description.

      Me, Bill D., Kelly, and Kelly's wife Ann went to dinner at Applebees. We
      talked about club business (another email to follow), but mostly we just
      relaxed and had fun.

      - Evan

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