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11322Trenton no, party yes!

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  • Evan Koblentz
    Feb 2, 2009
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      Many MARCHins think we should skip the Trenton event this year.  Every year that event gets smaller and lamer.  We still encounter many newcomers who are blown away by MARCH and its activities, but we're nearing the point of diminishing returns (especially on the second day).
      Meanwhile, last year's holiday party was a huge success.  Quite frankly it was much better than I expected, in terms of how many people participated and how many opted for the full overnight-and-alcohol experience ... despite some overindulgence by a couple of nerds who can't hold their liquor.  :)
      So ...... this year it'll be Trenton no, MARCH Spring Fling yes!
      The obvious weekend is April 25-26 because that's when we would normally be at Trenton.  But I have to check with InfoAge about their calendar.  We may have to find a different weekend if there are other events already scheduled.
      Comments / suggestions / questions / etc. are, as always, strongly encouraged.
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