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  • evan947
    Mar 7, 2005
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      Hi everyone,

      This is a "special notice" which means you're getting it even if you
      signed up with the standard "no email" option.

      We have a few new members. Hello and welcome to MARCH.

      The 30th Trenton Computer Festival is just six weeks away. That will
      be our very first public gathering. So, please update your
      information in the "What you're bringing to TCF" database, via the
      link on the left side of the Yahoo group page.

      If you plan to attend the event (and we hope you do!), please also
      send a group message if you haven't already. Local hotel information
      is found on the TCF web site (www.tcf-nj.org).

      We also have a new "Virtual Swap Meet" database, via the same link as
      above. In that table you can post for anything wanted / available.
      That applies to stuff you plan to bring to TCF and beyond. However
      please keep in mind that NO SELLING is allowed at our TCF exhibit.
      That's a show rule, not our rule.

      After TCF we'll start planning other events.

      Any questions? Feel free to email me at evan947@..., or to send
      a group message anytime.

      - Evan Koblentz
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