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11001I need to make some room (free stuff)

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  • Kelly Leavitt
    Jan 9, 2009
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      I really need to make some room here. I have several items I would be glad to give away to anyone willing to travel to Wantage, NJ to pick them up. Nothing is in danger of the scrapper, I'm just trying to give some stuff to some friends.

      I have:
      Several Dorio terminals.
      A Wyse 160 or Wyse 50, or Wyse 75 (I have one or 2 of each)
      Several miscellaneous C128s (functionality unknown, I don't have the PS)
      Mono and CGA monitors
      Couple of clone XT class machines. Some functional, some not.
      Several Macs

      Send a private email to kelly@... and we can make arrangements. I just want to make some room here.

      I would also like to spread out the distribution, sharing my excess with several people.

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