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11What I'll be bringing to show/trade/unload

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  • w2lv
    Jan 20, 2005
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      To show:
      A tandy model 16b or 6000, with 8 serial ports. Running Xenix 3.2.0
      with the development system. I'll try to get the business software
      installed too.

      A TRS-80 model 100 (or 102) and 200.

      A TRS-80 model 4 with external 40 Meg hard drive. I'll get some
      business software and games installed on this machine. I'll also set
      up a comm program to use it as a terminal on the Xenix machine.

      Is there any interest in displaying an original IBM Portable PC
      (5155)? I've just finished restoring one of these. Manufactured
      around 1985.

      How about a Tandy Model II with external hard drive? The 8" internal
      floppy doesn't work, but I can boot it and use a 5.25" also.

      I have to trade/unload the following items:
      A TRS-80 Model 3 of unknown status. It's missing a key.
      An old "turbo" XT clone if anyone wants it.
      Parts for Tandy model 6000/16/12/II if anyone speaks up.
      Software for the above model 6000 series (again only if someone
      speaks up). I have converted most of the sofware to 5.25" media.

      Also, If anyone needs anything for old PC's (disks, controllers,
      media, ram, etc) let me know.

      Let me know,
      73 de Kelly
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