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10942Re: [midatlanticretro] Possible fun experiment

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  • Jim Scheef
    Jan 5, 2009

      While the Model 100 or 200 would both do the job for note taking, they
      are both SRAM-based and everything is lost if the batteries die. (Flash
      had not been invented.) OTOH I found a tool the other day that purports
      to allow file transfers to/from a Windows machine via null modem cable
      (presumably a legacy serial port is required). The Model 100 had 32K of
      user RAM for files provided the machine has all sockets filled. The M200
      had a max of three banks of 24K with most machines having only the base
      24K. I have a couple of "option ROMs" from Traveling Software in my
      collection that gave the M100 a bunch of additional features, but the
      basic Model T is all that's needed for simple text and the keyboard is
      great as well. (Heavy typists put orthodontia rubber bands under the
      keys to soften the impact, and RS sold legs to elevate the back of the
      M100 to make typing much more comfortable.)

      There are Model 100s on eBay all the time going for $25 to $70 but Model
      200s are much less common.

      This would be a fun experiment, however I don't feel it is worth the
      risk of losing important class notes. Back in early 90's my girl friend
      at the time used a M100 to do her library research. After each trip to
      the library, we would dump her files to my desktop machine where she did
      her word processing. She was absolutely mortified when I warned her that
      all of her work would disappear if the batteries died.


      Sridhar Ayengar wrote:
      > Matt Patoray wrote:
      > > Joe,
      > >
      > > Then why not try the Tandy 200,A little bigger but more usefull then the
      > > 100.
      > > I also belive that it does take AA batteries as well, or get an
      > > alphasmart. Although you might find the nonbacklit display a problem in
      > > a darkened classroom, heck I found the non TFT display of the PowerBook
      > > 140 a problem, and ended up geting a 170 my 2nd year.
      > I use an HP 200LX for that sort of stuff.
      > MS-DOS 5.0, 80186 @8MHz, 4MB RAM (640kB + EMS), 640x200 CGA screen.
      > I still use one on a daily basis today.
      > Peace... Sridhar
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