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  • fairlanefastback
    Jan 1, 2009
      --- In midatlanticretro@yahoogroups.com, Jim Scheef <scheefj@...>

      > Todays low prices are what's wrong with computers as a hobby today.
      > There is no commitment on the part of the buyer. For a very few
      > much smaller dollars we get giga-everything and expect it to run
      > flawlessly right out of the box. What fun is that?

      Its just the typical fate when something changes over time from an
      enthusiast hobby market to a general consumer market I guess. If its
      any consolation Windows PCs still do not run flawlessly. And the
      software is so bloated you don't get to get the full benefit of the
      advanced hardware. Most Windows installations are still 32 bit for
      God's sake! lol!

      If you want a do-it-yourself hobby atmosphere these days you need to
      do something funky, like a SAM with Amiga OS 4.1: http://www.acube-

      >And when a hard drive
      > fails today, it goes to the dump (or maybe recycling) even if it's
      > warranty!

      If its under warranty I sure as hell get it replaced under warranty.
      But truth be told newer hard drives seem to have a much lower failure
      rate than way back. Anyone remember those horrible Bigfoot drives
      from the late nineties? I think it was the 1.2gb ones that were the
      worst if memory serves.
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