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10860Re: More Classic Computer Ads

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  • Brian Cirulnick
    Dec 31, 2008
      --- In midatlanticretro@yahoogroups.com, fairlanefastback
      <no_reply@...> wrote:
      > That said, is
      > your post below based on any current real world sources, or just
      > logical conjecture?

      I spend a lot of time reading newsgroups (or these days, web-based
      BBS type systems), and there's still considerable chatter regarding
      these machines. I know someone made and sold Y2k upgrade ROMs, and
      they are sold and resold and parts swapped via eBay, and from the
      experiences I've had, it's not people buying that stuff
      for "collections" it's people buying that stuff because they wore out
      the keyboard on the previous one.

      Spend 20 minutes googling around and you'll find way too much
      material to convince you that this is just a few collectors. Model
      100 is like the Model T -- it just won't die, and there are too many
      people interested in keeping it alive.

      All I said to start all this (wow, you guys must be bored to make
      this the conversation to end 2008), was that the ad for the Model 100
      wasn't all that ironic, anybody that paid $799 and is still using it
      got their money's worth.
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