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1074IBM PC Collectors and collections

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  • wpileggi
    Aug 2, 2005
      Regarding the IBM PC, it was manufactured over a 6 year span. There
      were quite a few changes during the production run. Hence, there are a
      LOT of them floating about, mostly worth nil, especially "B" models. I
      had examples of all of them. The first general production run had 16Kb
      (RAM) motherboards; the power supply and rear panels were painted
      black; and the 8080 CPU had a bug (shades of the much later Pentium).
      THOSE are the coolest and actually valuable PC's. The rest?....

      An interesting aside: a fellow I know who worked for IBM in Australia
      says the power supplies were always blowing up....the early ones
      didn't get the power supply quite right. Bill/KA3AIS
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