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1071RE: [midatlanticretro] InfoAgo Chat? Monday?

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  • Evan
    Aug 2, 2005
      You didn't miss any reply, I just didn't reply yet.   :)
      Busy here this Monday night, but we can do this over email -- we pulled off TCF and that was a lot more complicated, right?
      Fred says there are two rooms available for 8/13 -- one is 12x15 ft. and the other is 12x28 ft. -- and we can have our pick.  The TCF room was 20x40, and that was almost full with 12 or 14 tables (I forget which), so I think the 12x28 room will be more than enough for the five or six of us.  Better to have extra space than to be over-crowded.
      InfoAge will supply the tables.  So we all need to bring power strips, extension cords, and electric fans, just in case!  Also, I will bring the tableclothes that I purchased for TCF but were not used.
      Bill S. and Kelly -- are you both still planning to attend?
      So in theory, it's me, Jim, Bill D., Bill S., and Kelly, plus a table or two for whatever we can "grab" out of the Grabbe collection that morning, plus an extra table for hands-on work space and miscellaneous stuff -- I'll tell Fred that we need eight tables.
      In this small set-up, there's no need to worry about the layout, we'll just configure it that morning.  Again, I will be there super-early, probably around 8.  (From a prior message:
      >>> the gates will open to the public at 10, the ceremony begins at 11,
      and we should be done by 2 or 3 or whenever the public's finished milling around.  Tours will run all day long.)
      Can someone print up some dot-matrix banners with our club name?

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      Sent: Tuesday, August 02, 2005 4:01 PM
      To: midatlanticretro@yahoogroups.com
      Subject: [midatlanticretro] InfoAgo Chat? Monday?

      I may have missed a reply to my inquiry...is there a chat scheduled for this monday to discuss the infoage gathering?
      I plan to bring
      1) a shelf case of TRS 80 model II/12/16 (and some model 4) components and software (not the computers),
      2) candidate external harddrives for the TRS 80 Model 4 with cables.
      3) an IMSAI 8080
      4) SOL terminal computer (just for show). 
      5) A monitor and disk drives for the IMSAI
      6) IMSAI/SOL software
      7) Evan still need a basic color monitor?
      8) Cable making equipment, tools
      9) stuff to give away as room in my car permits. 
      My goal is to work on the IMSAI with Bill (and anyone interested) and the TRS 80 stuff with Kelly (and anyone interested). 
      I assume Bill and Kelly are still coming?
      I could use a red switch for the IMSAI if anyone has a spare.
      Bill Degnan
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