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10708Last important detail re: tomorrow

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  • Evan Koblentz
    Dec 5, 2008
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      I lost track, but I think a couple of people said they're arriving around 10 or 11 tomorrow.  Please don't!  I plan to arrive around 11 or 12.
      But if anyone DOES arrive early, then you should:
      -- First: go the TIROS building and see if anyone's inside already.  If so, then enter.  :)  (Note: there are TWO buildings at the dish.  One is alarmed and it's situated to the right side of the dish.  Don't go in that building.  The other building is more "behind" the dish.  That's where we are setting up.)
      -- Second: if nobody's there yet, then go down the road to the main InfoAge campus.  Ask anybody you see for Fred or Steve.  Either of them can let you into the TIROS building.
      -- Third: if nobody is around to help, then try Fred's cell phone.  The number is 732.299.0894.  He lives very close to InfoAge and can probably come over to open the door.
      -- Fourth: if you can't reach Fred, then wait a while.  Or just come later in the first place.