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107Swapping Items at TCF

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  • billdeg
    Mar 5 5:02 AM
      I created a yahoo group database for items available/wanted to swap
      at the TCF. I don't want to get in trouble, I intend to only
      trade/give away items to group members. Personally I am bringing
      items that are not valuable enough to ship, but I don't have the
      heart to throw away. Most are fixable computers and parts from the
      early 80's. Hopefully the items I have listed will find a new home.

      Also, if there are any multibus collectors/hobbyists in this group,
      I have a lot of items listed on my web site that I would be happy to
      trade as well, and will bring upon request. I am not into multibus
      myself. From my site type cd multibus [enter].

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