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10691Tomorrow at InfoAge

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  • Kelly Leavitt
    Dec 5, 2008
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      Evan et al:
      Is there an official "plan" of any sort for tomorrow. I intend to get there around 11AM. I still have to load my van tonight and tomorrow. As it stands, I am now only bringing 2 Model II computers. BillD and Ragoo's. I have more, but I want to spend more time fixing them and don't have the room in the van for more.

      I am also bringing the printers I picked up for March a couple of months ago, a 486 for Herb, some XT clones that need work free for the picking, an SX64 for Ian (needs work), a model 4 for someone (needs power supply work).

      Does anyone need dot matrix printers? I have way too many of these and would like to offer a few for free. Just speak up. What about REALLY OLD laser printers?

      Is there anything else hardware wise I need to bring for anyone? What about disketts? I was going to bring my duplicating machine, but I just have too much in the van right now. Those printers are BIG and HEAVY.

      What about foodstuff or drinks? I haven't made anything, but I could stop and pick up something to nosh on. Any suggestions from the masses?

      See you all there,
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