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1069RE: [midatlanticretro] what is considered a vintage apple computer?

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  • madodel@ptdprolog.net
    Aug 2 6:11 AM
      In, on 08/02/05 at 08:53 AM,
      "Evan" <evan947@...> said:

      >I'm confused. Do mean "THE original" as in IBM PC, serial number 1, or
      >do you mean a machine like the 5100, which was IBM's first microcomputer
      >long before the "PC" series?
      >If it's the former, serial number 1, then it should reside in a museum --
      >like ours, since we'll be the nearest computer museum to IBM headquarters
      >in Armonk, NY.

      According to David Both, it was the very first IBM PC off the assembly
      line. They gave it to him so he could figure out what documentation it



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