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10688Packing up the car with gaming goodness

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  • Mr Ian Primus
    Dec 4, 2008
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      Well, it's been a busy night. Cleaning and testing hardware for the party. Right now, in the van are:

      Four television sets
      Four Atari 2600 game consoles
      An NES, with two controllers and light gun, and a couple games.

      Atari Games:

      (4) Asteroids
      (4) Space Invaders
      (3) Pac-Man
      (3) Ms. Pac-Man
      (1) Moon Patrol
      (2) River Raid
      (2) Pitfall
      (2) Demon Attack
      (4) Atlantis
      (2) Donkey Kong
      (2) Yar's Revenge
      (1) Breakout
      (1) Kaboom
      (1) Defender
      (2) Frogger
      (1) Super Breakout
      (1) Berzerk
      (1) Phoenix
      (1) Spider Fighter
      (1) Megamania
      (1) Crackpots
      (1) Gorf
      (1) Q*Bert
      (1) Mario Bros.
      (2) Combat
      (1) Target Fun
      (2) Surround
      (2) Video Olympics

      I have eight Atari controllers, and I _think_ they all work. One's missing the rubber part. We'd better test them though. I also packed five sets of paddles. Again, I don't know how jittery they might be. I was suprised that I didn't have a better stash of controllers. I pretty much have a couple I use regularly, then some "others" of unknown origin...

      I tested all the TV's and Atari consoles though, and those all work properly.

      As for games, if you have anything you'd like to bring, go ahead and bring it. It'd probably be a good idea to put a bit of masking tape on it with your name, so they don't get mixed up. I might do that to these if I have the time. I was suprised that I only had one copy of Breakout. Same with Defender and Kaboom. I was sure I would have had more of those. As you can see, I packed multiple copies of common games, and four copies of the "marathon" games - Space Invaders and Asteroids. It might be fun to say, start four games at once and see who can last the longest, using only one life. (Otherwise, I can play both those games pretty much forever, and I'm sure others can too.)

      I only have one copy of Warlords, but it should be a great one to play. Four players!

      Now, I just need to start rounding up extension cords and power strips...