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  • Jim Scheef
    Aug 2, 2005
      Could we change "New York" to "Connecticut"? :-)


      --- midatlanticretro@yahoogroups.com wrote:

      > MARCH frequently asked questions
      > 1. I'm a nerd and live somewhere between New York and Virginia, yet I
      > never heard of you before.
      > That's because we are new. We began in early 2005.
      > 2. What does MARCH mean?
      > We're "Mid-Atlantic Retro Computing Hobbyists" -- an informal club /
      > user group for fans of vintage computers. Our online home is
      > http://groups.yahoo.com/group/midatlanticretro/ -- we chose Yahoo not
      > because of its technical superiority (LOL!) but because it is
      > accessible to the masses.
      > 3. Just how informal?
      > Informal enough that we have no officers and charge no dues, but not
      > so informal that we lack a mission.
      > 4. What is this mission of which you speak?
      > Our mission is simply to bring together local collectors, both offline
      > and online, for fun and information sharing.
      > 5. By 'vintage' do you mean, like, this old junky 486 in my closet?
      > No. Someday that might be the case, but for now, no. We mean the old
      > and not-so-junky Apple II hidden behind your 486. We also mean your
      > Northstar Horizon, DEC PDP-11, Xerox Alto, Commodore Vic-20, and --
      > well you get the idea. There used to be "the 10 year rule" saying
      > "it's vintage if it's more than 10 years old" but now that could mean
      > Windows 95 and Pentiums, and we definitely do NOT mean those.
      > Nowadays, "vintage" for computer collectors means (more or less)
      > anything from the pre-286 era. Well, a copy of Windows 1.0 is vintage
      > software I guess. But in general, if it runs Windows, we're not
      > interested. That is NOT a function of being inherently anti-
      > Microsoft. It's a function of Windows simply not being obsolete yet.
      > We can hope. ;)
      > 6. I still don't get it. Where can I learn more about what's vintage?
      > Many places. Pick up a copy of the book "Collectible Microcomputers"
      > by Michael Nadeau. Or for non-micro aspects, go online. Heck, go
      > online anyway. Check out the classiccmp.org mailing lists; the
      > Vintage Computer Festival (vintage.org); old-computers.com; and many,
      > many, many others.
      > 7. Where can I buy/sell/trade old computers?
      > If you're in the mid-Atlantic region, than please try the "Virtual
      > Swap Meet" table in our Yahoo group database. Otherwise, try Sellam
      > Ismail's site ( http://vintagecomputermarketplace.org ) or Erik Klein's
      > site
      > ( http://www.vintage-computer.com/vcforum ) or as a last resort, eBay.
      > 8. Okay, let's say I am interested in joining MARCH. How?
      > Just post a friendly message to our boards introducing yourself.
      > Include your name, where you're from in the region, and what you
      > collect. Presto! You're joined.
      > 9. That's cool. So what do you geeks actually DO here?
      > We're currently figuring that out. Our first offline event was a
      > vintage computers exhibit at the 30th Trenton Computer Festival.
      > 10. What is the Trenton Computer Festival?
      > A 30-year-old show open to the public. It is held at The College of
      > New Jersey, formerly known as Trenton State College, in Ewing, NJ.
      > This year it was on April 16-17. Please see tcf-nj.org for more
      > information.
      > 11. Who's me?
      > Sorry. I'm Evan Koblentz. A fellow big nerd. I'm in central NJ.
      > You can reach me at evan947@....
      > 12. Okay, ummm, so what else will MARCH do?
      > We have a few ideas. We will probably have multiple swap meets. We
      > may be hosting future, regional iterations of the already famous
      > Vintage Computer Festival. We might even run our own museum, in
      > conjunction with the NJ Antique Radio Club -- see infoage.org.
      > 14. MARCH is primarily a Jersey thing?
      > No. It's just a coincidence. We have members all around, from
      > upstate New York to central Pennsylvania to Virginia. We will plan
      > our future events all over the area.
      > 15. I have some other question not on this FAQ.
      > Okay. Tell us what it is. Do so again by posting to our message
      > boards or pinging me offline.
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