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1059Re: [midatlanticretro] FW: Rescue help needed in southern NJ

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  • Bob Applegate
    Aug 2 3:45 AM
      Evan <evan947@...> wrote :

      > Hi folks,
      > VCF's Sellam Ismail asks if anyone from our group would pack and ship some
      > Apple II clones and other gear for him.  The loot is currently in Blackwood,
      > NJ (a bit south of Cherry Hill).  In exchange, he's offering a free VCF
      > t-shirt and he'll pick up your admission to any VCF event (which is VCF 8
      > this fall or our VCF East 3.0 next spring).  He also says the helper can
      > keep the monitors from the stash in question.  Of course, he will reimburse
      > the S/H costs.
      > What's to be packed and shipped:
      > - Three luggables
      > - a box of disks
      > - external hard drives
      > - box of miscellany
      > See photo here:

      That fellow kept trying to sell it all to ex-Franklin people, but nobody
      would bite. I worked on all the equipment in the pile and expressed an
      interest, but wouldn't give firm prices. Other Apple-clone guys (Ernest
      at apple2clones.com) was also very interested. This fellow picked up all
      the stuff at the famous Franklin "yard sale" at the disco.

      If anyone wants to lead the project, I'll volunteer to assist. It'll be
      fun to see all this stuff again. All of the portables are Franklin CXs,
      a "portable" machine that could read many different disk formats, ran
      CP/M as well as FDOS (Franklin's much-improved DOS), etc.

      Hey Bob Grieb, are you interested? You worked on the CXs, right?


      NOCC, http://nocc.sourceforge.net
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