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1058FW: Rescue help needed in southern NJ

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  • Evan
    Aug 1, 2005
      Hi folks,

      VCF's Sellam Ismail asks if anyone from our group would pack and ship some
      Apple II clones and other gear for him. The loot is currently in Blackwood,
      NJ (a bit south of Cherry Hill). In exchange, he's offering a free VCF
      t-shirt and he'll pick up your admission to any VCF event (which is VCF 8
      this fall or our VCF East 3.0 next spring). He also says the helper can
      keep the monitors from the stash in question. Of course, he will reimburse
      the S/H costs.

      What's to be packed and shipped:

      - Three luggables
      - a box of disks
      - external hard drives
      - box of miscellany

      See photo here:


      - Evan
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