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10543OT - Apple & OS/2 related CDs

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  • fairlanefastback
    Nov 25, 2008
      I've been paring down stuff I have in my apartment to make more room
      for the children I have on the way.

      Please let me know if anyone can use any of the following, most of it
      is from my days as an Apple Certified tech. I'd prefer it go to
      someone who can and will use it. Please contact me off list if
      interested ( t0rin0 @ hush DOT ai - change the zeros I typed for the
      letter o). Its going to be given away for free.

      I put OT as its not old enough for what is generally discussed here.
      But since there has been talk from people on 486 and Falcon era stuff
      I figure someone here might put this stuff to good use at least.

      Again please contact me off-list if interested.

      MacTest Pro (for Power Macintosh) August 1996
      Mactest Pro (for 680x0-based) February 1996
      Apple Restoration CD - System Software - Disk 1 May 1995
      Apple Restoration CD - System Software - Disk 3 May 1995
      AppleShare Version 4.1
      Workgroup Server Software (version 7.5.1 for Workgroup Servers 6150,
      8150, and 9150)
      Apple Network Administrator Toolkit - August 1996
      Mac OS 8

      OS/2 Warp Connect Version 3 CD-ROM 1
      Bonus Pack For OS/2 Version 3