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10527Re: [midatlanticretro] Next museum exhibits?

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  • Jim Scheef
    Nov 25, 2008
      How about we finish the "best of micros" exhibit? These machines need a
      LOT of signage to explain why they are "the best" - not to mention the
      basic facts about each machine.


      Evan Koblentz wrote:
      > Another exhibit -- a very important one -- that I forgot to list is the
      > "Computer Artifact of the Month". We can take a random system (or even
      > a random book, part, software, etc.) from the club collection and make a
      > miniature exhibit, changing it every month or two. For example we could
      > make a mini-exhibit with a book like "Giants Brains" or the "TV
      > Typewriter Cookbook"; a piece of core; a noteworthy killer app; etc.
      > .... or if one of our members has something interesting to exhibit that
      > doesn't fit into a larger exhibit, we could use that space for that,
      > i.e. something about OS/2 from Mark D. or a million other examples.
      > I / we also need to spend more time in the local companies exhibit. We
      > still have to pick up that 083 sorter and we need to put in something
      > related to the ENIAC-UNIVAC history. Also need to do something for Mr.
      > Grabbe.
      > Also, at the InfoAge meeting tonight, someone (whose ID will be
      > anonymous until he says otherwise on this list!) told me there might be
      > an authentic Blue Box available for us. That would go into our "random"
      > exhibit or perhaps into the computer culture exhibit.
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      > Sometime early next year we can start planning/building our next
      > museum exhibits. Remember we've got two more rooms to use!
      > What exhibits should we build ???????
      > Some ideas:
      > - Computer entertainment (games, music, art, etc.)
      > - Networking (BBS, pre-Web, etc.)
      > - Portables (my pet (not "PET") exhibit)
      > - Business software (mainframe apps, VisiCalc)
      > - Computer culture (endless possibilities!)
      > - Storage (kind of obvious what this is)
      > - I/O (kind of a dull topic if you ask me)
      > - minicomputers (topic speaks for itself)
      > - Root technologies (abacus, slide rule, punched card, transistor, etc.)
      > - "Exploded PC" (not historic yet, but perhaps interesting ... "walk
      > inside a computer")
      > I can see strong arguments in favor of all of these topics. But we
      > can probably only fit two or three at a time (we can always chance
      > them up ....)
      > Your thoughts, fellow MARCHins? Let the debate begin.
      > - Evan
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