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1044RE: [midatlanticretro] what is considered a vintage apple computer?

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  • Jim Scheef
    Jul 31, 2005
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      Bill, Evan, all,

      Here's my vintage philosophy. You can only accept it as I'm not changing. To
      me, "vintage", in the context of computers, means something "old" (already a
      relative term), obsolete by "current" (another relative term) standards and
      unique in some way (totally subjective) when it was new. (Yes, I'm borrowing
      from Evan here.) There can be no fixed definition. Vintage is whatever you
      believe it to be.

      I apply 'vintage' to software as well as hardware. By my standards, there are
      'vintage' versions of Windows. Any version of Windows running in "real" mode
      is definitely 'vintage'. I once had Windows 3.0 running in real mode on an HP
      200LX palmtop. This was really cool, but my stock 200LX is too slow for
      serious use. A cottage industry grew up around the HP palmtops (95LX, 100LX
      and 200LX) with all sorts of special software plus hardware memory and speed
      upgrades that made runnning Windows almost feasible! Of course the next
      problem was application software to run under real mode Windows, but that's
      another story.

      Now the HP palmtops are definitely vintage even though the 95LX was
      introduced in 1991. Today the HP palmtops are just as vintage as their
      ancestor, the HP-75C from 10 years earlier. The software vendors supporting
      the HP palmtops were the same phenomenon as what grew up to support the Radio
      Shack M100 in the 80's and no one would argue that the M100/M200 and the
      software written for them are not vintage. [The M600 was so unique it is a
      great example of how Tandy managed to shoot themselves in the foot.]

      So is a Compaq Deskpro 386 vintage? Sure! It's old, it's obsolete and it was
      unique when it was introduced! It's vintage status was quaranteed when Compaq
      beat IBM to the marketplace with a 386-based PC. But is it collectible? No,
      not really.

      Next: Are IBM PS/2's vintage? Sure! The Microchannel architecture guarantees
      their status as vintage for being IBM's biggest flop. What about Windows NT
      3.1? It broke new ground on the PC with a design based on VMS.

      Maybe we need a new category for "pioneer" computers made before 1980...


      --- Evan <evan947@...> wrote:

      > See, I don't know if you are kidding again ... but I challenge anyone TO*
      > bring it up again if they've got a better definition ... because the one I
      > gave just barely works. The qualifier: no years-based solutions allowed.
      > *Also, if you have a better solution, bring it up on classiccmp, not here.
      > ;)
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      > I will never bring this topic up again! I am embarrassed.
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