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10419Re: Good day at the museum

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  • arkaxow
    Nov 9, 2008
      --- In midatlanticretro@yahoogroups.com, "Evan Koblentz" <evan@...>
      > Today was the first Sunday since pre-"Haunted Hotel" that things
      > relatively back to normal at InfoAge.
      > Jeff Brace was there from 2-4. We moved some supplies from the old
      > exhibit room into our new museum rooms. Also, He and I (finally!)
      > in several of the computers in the 70s/80s micro exhibit. Three
      > however: 1., we couldn't find a video cable for the C-64; 2., our
      IBM PC
      > gives some obscure error message ("3B1"); 3., we don't have Osborne
      > disks.
      > We had about 10 visitors today in four groups. All were very
      > and interested in what we do with vintage computers. Good stuff.
      > I didn't see Fred today, but I'll talk to him this Wed. night about
      our Dec.
      > 6 event. He already knows that we'll use one of the cottages and
      > telecom building. But he tends to need reminders. :)

      Yes, Evan it was fun to actually see some of these computers working
      rather than just sitting there. Some of them I have used before, some
      I have never used before, so it was interesting to see what they were
      like and how they worked. It was fun to see that the "on" switch was
      in different places on different machines and to guess where that
      was. It was fun to see how to connect them and which cables they
      need. The most fun was to do a test in BASIC on each of them to see
      if everything was working. Each had different flavors of basic,
      syntax and keyboard layout. Watch those sticky keys !

      Also my favorite among them (C64) didn't have the monitor cable, so I
      couldn't test it :( Well that will be for another time :)

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