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10418Good day at the museum

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  • Evan Koblentz
    Nov 9, 2008
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      Today was the first Sunday since pre-"Haunted Hotel" that things were relatively back to normal at InfoAge.
      Jeff Brace was there from 2-4.  We moved some supplies from the old Hotel exhibit room into our new museum rooms.  Also, He and I (finally!) plugged in several of the computers in the 70s/80s micro exhibit.  Three glitches however: 1., we couldn't find a video cable for the C-64; 2., our IBM PC gives some obscure error message ("3B1"); 3., we don't have Osborne boot disks.
      We had about 10 visitors today in four groups.  All were very knowledgeable and interested in what we do with vintage computers.  Good stuff.
      I didn't see Fred today, but I'll talk to him this Wed. night about our Dec. 6 event.  He already knows that we'll use one of the cottages and the telecom building.  But he tends to need reminders.  :)
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