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10400HP 7978A Mag tape 9-track 6250bpi

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  • Jim Scheef
    Nov 6, 2008
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      Hello all,

      I have one of these in the HP rack/cabinet; the operator's manual is
      included. It is free to a good home, pick up only in 06776.

      I rescued this about a year ago to use with a uVAX thinking it had a
      SCSI interface. Unfortunately it is HP-IB. The previous owner was a
      company in Bristol, CT, where I was assured the unit was working well
      when it was removed from service several years earlier. The tape drive
      and the cabinet are immaculate.

      So, HP fans, is there any interest? I'm offering it here first. It will
      go up on ccTalk in a few days so don't wait!

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