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104Re: [midatlanticretro] Re: Kelly -- re: your TRS display

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  • evan
    Mar 3, 2005
      I think you can get those info holders at any office store, like Staples or

      --- Kelly Leavitt <kelly@...> wrote:

      > --- In midatlanticretro@yahoogroups.com, evan <evan947@y...> wrote:
      > > If you're looking to save time (and not confuse attendees), you
      > > might consider foregoing the IBM, and just making an all-Tandy
      > > display.
      > I was hoping to use the IBM as a terminal to the Tandy. I can't run
      > Scripsit on it, but I can do just about everything else. However,
      > since I may only be coming for the first day (I'm still working out
      > the timing) then I will probably leave it (the convertable) behind
      > and use the Model 4 or the 200 as the terminal.
      > I can't wait to meet the others. I have a bunch of stuff to swap, and
      > hope to make some contacts there for passing on my "spares" at a
      > later date. I'm not bringing a buch of swapping stuff due to the
      > concearns of the TCF hosts. I don't want anyone thinking I'm there
      > doing business. I know how touchy people can get at events like this.
      > As and update, for those who know the old Tandy Xenix machines, this
      > is what I have running:
      > Xenix 3.2
      > Xenix Development System 3.1.1
      > filePro Plus 1.0 - database
      > Scripsit - word processor
      > Multiplan - spread sheet (yes, it's Microsoft)
      > Games from the install disk - adventure and others
      > MBasic - Microsofts multiuser basic for Xenix
      > I almost have the Unify database running. I don't have the install
      > media for this so I'm trying to patch it together from old backups.
      > It's a gas trying to tar off from 8" disks. I'm suprised most of them
      > still work.
      > For the model 4 I was thinking of Dancing Demon, Scripsit, some
      > terminal program, and one of the Scott Adams adventures. Any other
      > suggestions for the Model 4?
      > I don't have any software running on the 200 or the 102. Any
      > suggestions? Maybe use this as a rudimetary terminal to the Xenix
      > machine?
      > What about the 1000sx? Any interest in that, or should I just leave
      > it behing.
      > One more thing....
      > Someone mentioned "lucite" information holders for a page about the
      > display. Where can I get a couple for my display? I'd like one per
      > machine if possible. What size are they?
      > Kelly

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