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  • fairlanefastback
    Oct 26, 2008
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      --- In midatlanticretro@yahoogroups.com, "Evan Koblentz" <evan@...>
      > >>> Must be Yahoo's way of telling you to LET IT GO ALREADY.
      > >> Piss off Evan, really. Don't write to me in CAPS with orders.
      > it?
      > Several respected senior MARCHins wrote to me and said you, along
      with Stan,
      > were/are really getting on their nerves. Don't bother getting into
      a flame
      > war with me because you will lose .... and because I have a "ban"
      button and
      > you don't.

      Its not my fault the system posted a message three days after it was
      sent, which you can see in the message header. I only replied to it
      saying it was strange so it would not confuse anyone. And then you
      reply in CAPS. It was not some fresh new message, There was nothing
      to let go. And my message at the time was asking you all to try to
      bury whatever hatchet you guys had to boot. Certainly that can't be
      all that controversial. Sure you have a ban button. You are the only
      one talking about a flame war. Not sure what your declaration about
      winning is supposed to be all about, nor your making this something
      for your entire mailing list if you have some issue. If you do why am
      I hearing about it only on the entire public list for the first time?
      CAPS is yelling Evan. Being a moderator you can choose to be rude if
      you want, but I haven't done anything like this to you to deserve
      such. And you have had my email address for some time. You could of
      conversed with me directly if there was some list of "senior respected
      Marchins" with issues right? You might want to ponder this a bit if
      you want to really be fair about it.
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