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1033RE: [midatlanticretro] what is considered a vintage apple computer?

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  • Evan
    Jul 30, 2005
      This topic has come up many, many, many times before on classiccmp and elsewhere.
      The debates are always heated and drag on for a long time (let's PLEASE avoid that here).  They generally result in a three-pronged agreement: 1., no arbitrary age limit ever works; 2., the computer must be obsolete; 3., it must have been technologically unique when it was new.
      So an Amiga or an original Mac meet both categories and are definitely vintage -- I'm quite surprised to hear that you feel otherwise.  An original IBM PC or a "luggable" computer would also qualify because of their uniqueness when new.  But I certainly agree with you about the majority of x86 stuff, except for original 8086 stuff (again, the "unique technology when it was new" category).

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      Subject: [midatlanticretro] what is considered a vintage apple computer?

      The last vintage Apple was the IIGS.  There is no such thing as a vintage MAC.
      And while we're at it, the IBM AT or newer is not vintage, any Amigas are not
      vintage.  It does not matter how many years go by, MAC's will never be
      vintage computers.  There is no sliding time scale where each year a new set of
      machines becomes vintage.  In short, the vintage era ended for new machine models
      that were first released no later than 1987, and mostly before 1985. 

      That does not mean that I don't save newer interesting computers however, I
      just don't call them "vintage".

      Will the 1987 Plymough Sundance become a vintage car someday?  I think not.

      And for making such statements I am standing behind the chicken wire so feel
      free to throw your beer bottles at will.  I expect differences in opinion.

      Thank you very much.


      In a message dated 7/30/2005 7:38:11 PM Eastern Standard Time,
      chrism3667@... writes:

      > in my opinion,
      vintage macs consist of the IIs and
      >  earlier machines. Some would
      even balk at stuff that
      >  late, but I would include the II, IIX, and
      IIFX in
      >  that they represent Apples foray into color.
      >  there were add on cards for the SE with which
      >  could drive a big juicy external color monitor
      >  have the mono mini me mac alongside). But then
      >  the SE may have been released at the same time as
      >  II. And Ill give someone a dollar if they can tell
      >  what HMMU stands for :D
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