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10108RE: [midatlanticretro] Easy-ish computer history trivia

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  • Evan Koblentz
    Oct 11 8:37 PM
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      Definitely send it to me! LOL, I haven't got any better offers tonight.

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      Jim Scheef wrote:
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      > Mike,
      > I was the fourth 80%. I guessed on the hex question and could not
      > believe I got the other one wrong. Oh well...
      > Jim

      If anyone is interested in taking the "real" test I just gave my
      students on Thursday, let me know and I will send them a copy. It's a
      32-question multiple choice test similar to the quiz from VCF E, but a
      little harder/more detailed. The test is based on assigned readings,
      and class demos. The first test of the semester is a mix of pure
      people history and technical / how did they do it stuff covering
      1957-1977 IBM 650 through to the TRS 80 Model I/Apple II (but not the
      PET 2001). For more info, see vintagecomputer.net/CISC367/



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