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10106Swap meet - was: 5150s

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  • Mr Ian Primus
    Oct 11, 2008
      --- On Sat, 10/11/08, Evan Koblentz <evan@...> wrote:

      > >>>> MARCH end-of-year party / club swap meet /
      > tech day / etc.
      > >> Ooh. Sounds like fun. Can I come too?
      > Open to all

      Well, then count me in. I'll bring some of this extra hardware I have here, if anyone is interested. I should be able to dig up an extra beige Apple IIe or two, I have some ColecoVision Adam parts/printers that someone might need. I also have a fair amount of older Macintosh parts if anyone is looking for something.

      IIRC, I still have a couple extra terminals I could part with (Wyse, etc), and definitely some older Sun SparcStations (Sparc 5).

      I've also got a Data General DG/One portable with Evan's name on it...

      And if someone needs a bootable disk for an Apple II, Macintosh, or TRS-80 Model III/4, I should be able to help.

      I'll plan on bringing tools and parts, if someone needs help. I'm pretty good at fixing terminals, and Apple disk drives. (Or at least, I have been doing a lot of that lately, it seems).

      I'm looking for a few things myself...
      -Used/blank 8" floppies and 5 1/4" DSDD floppies
      -Parts, software for the TRS-80 Model II I'm working on. I actually have the Model II, 12 and 16, but no software, and only one keyboard. If anyone has a dead machine for parts, or even software or system disks I could copy or borrow, that would be great. If I can, I'll bring a PC/clone with an 8" drive to archive disks. Also, I'd love to find a hard drive or drive controller. I'd love to be able to run Xenix on the 16, but running from floppies might not be possible.
      -Apple II+ parts or broken machine. I have a II+, but it came to me with no keyboard.
      -Another Platinum Apple IIe, dead or alive (or just the case, I have all the innerworkings, would like to have a spare one of these).
      -System disk for a Xerox 820-II. I finally have the keyboard for this critter, but no system disk. I believe that the index track is single density, so I don't know if my PC can handle copying it. But, if I can borrow one, I'll try.

      Also, in my unlikely to find category:
      -An Atari 130XE. My first computer, but it no longer works. I haven't been able to find another one, and mine has a bad custom chip.
      -A Commodore SX-64.
      -Commodore Amiga 1000

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