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  • Stan Brewer
    Oct 11, 2008
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      Is there much of a demand for old DDJ's?
      I have a stack I was going to list on ebay before they got weird with demanding the use of paypal by sellers.
      But, I've got too many 386-PentI's to want to trade that way.  Now a working VT-100 would get my interest.


      B Degnan wrote:

      I am not personally interested in your offer to trade 386, 486, and
      pentium computers in exchange for my spare '82 or earlier issues of DDJ
      (Doctor Dobb's Journal) or working Cromemco power supply, but I will
      forward your request to to see if anyone would be willing to trade early
      Doctor Dobbs Journal magazines, or spare Cromemco System III cases or
      power supplies for 386, 486 or early Pentium computers. Good Luck.

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