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  • Kelly Leavitt
    Oct 11, 2008
      OK, I have 3. All of them have the silver power supply, not the black one.

      In preparation for 12/6, I'm deciding which to keep.
      I have one with 640k, 21meg HD, CGA and CGA monitor.

      I have one with 640k, a hard drive, mono adapter.

      The other has 640k and I don't know what else.

      So, which should I keep? What are the "desirable" parameters for the 5150s?

      Does anyone want the other 2 units? They're too big to schlepp down to InfoAge if no one wants them. I'll bring matching monitors if I have them.

      Also, does anyone want/need a working generic 486 with a 120 meg HD and 4 MB RAM?

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