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1001Re: New logo ideas

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  • john_apw
    Jul 23 7:09 AM
      --- In midatlanticretro@yahoogroups.com, "relayer" <relayer@y...>
      > I created a "MARCH Logo Ideas" folder in files. I put up two more
      > ideas that I was working on. Feedback and ideas greatly welcomed.


      As a new member to the group, I offer my comments in the spirit of
      constructive observation. Please don't take my comments as being
      negative about your work; I understand and appreciate the efforts
      that you are putting into the logos.

      I think the "hollow-letter" logo with the computer images "inside"
      is clever, but I have two difficulties:

      1. I find it hard to recognize the lowercase letters (like "a"),
      since the trailing serifs are in such contrast to the body of the
      character. I don't know if this is due to the contrast of the colors
      or that my mind sees a hard drive platter and therefore doesn't see
      anything other than the circular area, but I found it was not easy
      for me to grasp the letters on first reading.

      2. The "fillings" are very different in what they show: computer
      panels to paper tape. The range of content doesn't say anything
      clear to me - what I get is a jumbled concept. I think your idea is
      clever, but I think all the contents should be of computer face
      panels in order to get the message across with "consistency".
      Otherwise, to me, I get that the focus is on all kinds of stuff,
      rather than on computers. Yes, we collect all kinds of stuff, but
      should the logo present everything, or the simple concept of old
      computers? I think that the simpler it is, the more recognizable and
      understandable it will be.

      I like the simple logos of MCMI. The greenbar background is clever
      and simple, and I like it. (I didn't connect with the red "swoosh"
      lines - what do they represent?)
      Where is that typeface from? I keep having this feeling that I've
      seen it before, but I just can't place it...

      To my way of thinking (which I do not expect anyone else to agree
      with!), a logo should express something about the org (or its
      purpose or character, etc), and should communicate just that one
      concept easily to people who are outside that organization.

      At this point, I don't think we are all in agreement about what we
      want to express about MARCH: what the name means, that we collect
      computers, that we collect all kinds of old technology stuff, that
      we are a fun-loving group of nerds, geeks, and hackers, or that we
      whatever else, etc, etc, etc...

      So maybe that is a point to consider before going too far? What
      exactly do we want the logo to say about MARCH?

      I hope this is helpful (if not tell me why, and I'll do better next

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